Why Choose An Electric Vehicle At Tacoma Nissan?

The depreciation of new electric cars alone is enough to make you wonder if buying one is a worthwhile investment. At Tacoma Nissan, we will remove all doubt when you see our lineup of all-new electric vehicles. When you consider all of the other benefits of buying an electric automobile, it's easy to see why. Is it time for you to buy a car, and you're considering buying an electric one? Are you in the Tacoma, WA area? Come see us today and take a test drive and see what an electric vehicle can do for you.

Easier Maintenance and More Affordable

Electric vehicles will save you money over time. Over two dozen mechanical components that would otherwise need to be serviced on a regular basis are eliminated with electric vehicles. Electric cars do not have internal combustion engines, thus there is no oil to change, no gaskets to repair, and no valves to clog up. As a result, these costs are eliminated. As a result, their maintenance and repair expenses are cheaper than those of their gas-powered equivalents. According to sources, electric car owners pay around a third of what conventionally powered vehicle owners do on routine maintenance.

Rebates and Tax Credits are Available

Many rebates and tax benefits are available for acquiring and/or leasing electric vehicles for personal or commercial usage, but they differ from state to state. The highest amount of federal tax credits available to buyers of new fully electric or plug-in hybrid cars is now $7,500 (leasing only qualifies for the leasing company). The credit is claimed as a deduction on your federal income tax return for the calendar year in which the vehicle was acquired.

Charging Station Availability

The demand for more charging stations will only increase as electric vehicles become a larger part of the vehicle market. According to studies, EV ownership costs will be equivalent to their combustion-engine counterparts by 2022. This will almost certainly mean that the completely electric market, as well as its charging infrastructure, will continue to increase. Options for "refueling" electric vehicles have multiplied at a breakneck pace, from 3,394 charging stations in 2011 to over 63,000 in early 2019.

Initial Costs are Dropping

EV battery costs have been steadily decreasing as technology advances and EV production rises, and this trend is expected to continue. Electric cars have a higher sticker price than gas-powered cars, but this may change in the coming years as electric car prices decline. The dropping purchase prices of electric cars will make them the obvious choice when it comes to saving money, given that lower fuel expenses, lower maintenance, and repair costs, and tax refunds can already lead to long-term savings for electric car owners.

Other Perks

  • Access to highway lanes that are normally restricted.
  • Reserved Parking Spots
  • Tolls that are reduced or free altogether
  • No fuel required
  • Far more environmentally friendly than combustion engines
  • Better Performance
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Better resale value

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