Tacoma Nissan Washington VPP Vehicle Purchase Program




Tacoma Nissan Washington Presenting the VPP Program for Seattle Bellevue And Redmond Employyes

What is Nissan VPP

Tacoma Nissan’s Vehicle Purchase Program; or in short VPP, is offering pre-negotiated savings on your new Nissan Car, SUV and Truck. These kind of Nissan deals will offer you Nissan pricing for far less than Tacoma Nissan‘s dealer cost. You truly can speak of a “Peace of Mind” Nissan offer because the negotiated selling price was done by Nissan USA headquarter directly with your employer. So, when you are an employee with Microsoft or Boeing down in Seattle – you are covered. When you work for Bank of America, Hertz, Nordstrom (to name just a few of the major corporations here in Washington State) in Bellevue or Tukwilla and Renton, you are covered…because Nissan USA (and not the dealer) will give you the best price discussed with your employer.

Nissan Pricing Below Invoice

We are almost certain your Employer is on the Nissan VPP – New Nissan Vehicle Purchase Program list (there are more than 2,000 firms and cooperation’s on this list) – and the best of it – you’ll get any new Nissan car, SUV or Truck below invoice.

Employers of the Nissan VPP Program, Tacoma Nissan WA will take care of your needs

These companies showing above in the graphic are just a few employer examples on the Nissan VPP List

So, you are still wondering if you qualify for the Nissan VPP? Give us a call or fill out the form below to find out if your Employer is part of the Vehicle Purchase Program list!

Nissan VPP Pricing Means -NO HAGGLE

With all the benefits of “Best prices for any Nissan” Car, Truck, SUV and Crossover vehicle, there a re a few more great incentives, when you purchase through Tacoma Nissan’s VPP such as…

  • the Vehicle Purchase Program Discount will be eligible to be combined with other offers and incentive*
  • in case you want to lease your new Nissan – NMAC and IFS lease specials are applicable*
  • want to buy your new Nissan – all the APR’s are applicable as well*
  • a true “no Haggle – no Hassle” car buying experience from the get-go (can you say V.I.P. treatment?)
  • You have unlimited access to your own Personal VPP Assistant
  • Again – get your new Nissan below invoice pricing

VPP Buying Process – As Simple As 1-2-3

The question how easy is it to get your Tacoma Nissan VPP price? Answer: Very EASY!! This is all what we need to get you the pricing possible, when you consider your new Nissan Leaf, Maxima or the all-new Nissan Armada

  1. Contact us conveniently via phone at 253.579.1200 and ask for Don Wellner or Tom McCreary to set up your V.I.P / VPP appointment.
  2. Please bring these important pieces of identification:
    • your recent paystub (within the last 30 days)
    • your business card identifying your affiliation with your VPP employer or a Security Passkey or I.D. Badge with your name on it
    • your Photo I.D.
  3. When you have chosen your new Nissan, we’ll then hop online, submit at the dealership your VPP Claim Form and receive in return your special VPP price. This will literally take less than a minute – and again, NO HAGGLE – NO HASSLE at all.

You Are Set!!  No time to call right away? Why not fill out the form here below and one of our VPP Sales Associates will contact you right away so you can secure your Nissan and drive away into the sunshine 😉 – No matter if you are in Redmond, Bellevue, Puyallup or the remaining Seattle / Tacoma area… we got you covered and when necessary will deliver the car to your front door.

Nissan VPP | Vehicle Purchase Program

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Keep in mind, Tacoma Nissan here in Tacoma, WA will be your trusted partner for your VPP program. We will serve you and your employer proudly, and when you are in the Eastern Washington reason or here in Western Washington, we will serve all areas of the Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound. Yes, even Oregon and Idaho when you want us to.

*please contact dealer for details