Tires On Sale

Here at Tacoma Nissan you’ll find always special tire offers and tires on sale

No matter if you are an avid fan of the small and compact Versa, driving the luxury and new re-designed Nissan Maxima, or haul work stuff around in your pre-owned Titan or call any other Nissan model your own, the Team at Tacoma Nissan, WA will make sure you’ll find everyday tires on sales. Your selected tires, which will be recommended by our knowledgeable tire service center, will provide superior performance and comfort.

Tacoma Nissan performs extensive evaluations and will follow the manufacturer’s suggestion to determine which tires are indeed the best suited for you car, SUV or truck. Whether your vehicle needs Continental, Goodyear, Yokohama, Michelin or any other tire brand, you can trust that our Tacoma Nissan Tire Center will select only recommended and approved tires for your vehicle to keep you safe on the road and is delivering the best driving experience.


Tacoma Nissan Tire Sale April 2017